About Boy Sipok

Boy Sipok is a Filipino gag/humor(?!) comic-strip by comic book writer/artist Chummy Bertulfo done during his spare time. About an angry little man who’s got issues with the world around him for no apparent reason because that’s what usually goes on in comic strips nowadays, right?!. It has just been recently put online here for the purposes of further humiliating the author and demean his putrid existence further. The strip first appeared in the Super Debil Robot Comics Boy Sipok: Unauthorized Editionreleased (50 friggin’ print issues of it in proud Bisaya dialect) during the 1st Cebu Comics Convention at the Ayala Activity Center, Cebu last September 25, 2010. It’s a strip about life and death and everything philosophical in between, well, not really, it’s just really a comic-strip like a bunch of others awaiting obscurity and it will never really connect/relate to the viewer by a long shot but the author keeps on trying or in his own pathetic little way tries to. For the amused, the comic strip is still in it’s infancy, no direction whatsoever folks, hell yeah!
For the disinterested, you can download the comics for free HERE (or click on the links here(No.1), here(No.2), here(No.3), here(No.4) and here(No.5) to view online the first 5 episodes) and tell the author what you think about it (even if you don’t know how to read the Bisaya dialect which the first five strips are voiced upon). For inquiries, comments, suggestions, hate mail and what-not email at boysipok@gmail.com.